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2017 Lake Summerset Garden Walk
2017 Spring Plant Sale

Teri Nowitzki won the hanging basket. Thank you to everyone that helped make it a success!

2017 Spring Gardens
Memorial Garden Entrance Memorial Garden May 2017 Crabtree
The entrance to the Memorial Gardens was redone last fall to prevent erosion. View to the pond in back of the Memorial Garden One of several flowering crabapples in the Memorial Garden
Bleeding Hearts Daffodils  
Bleeding hearts in the Memorial Garden Daffodils at the Memorial Garden  
2016 Annual Meeting
Cubs fans Ladies Cubs wine
Many attendees showed their alliance for the playoff game later that evening. Waiting for dinner to start. Enjoying a large glass of wine while waiting for dinner to begin.
Officers Preparing to start the potluck Table
The old and new club officers The club officers make sure the food is ready to be served. Members and guests
table Table Table
Members and guests Members and guests Members and guests
  Member and guests  
2016 Fall Plant Sale

Many thanks to Ahrens Nursery in Brodhead for bringing the plants to us. Thank you to all the volunteers who worked so hard in the rain to unload and sell the plants. Thanks especially to Mary Finger for the instructions for planning the sale, and to Suzanne and Bob Roller who made signs and loaned awhorses to hold the signs. Also, a big thank you to everyone who came out in the rain to make our sale a success. We sold all of our asters, kale and the five red grasses that were the new plant this year at the sale.

Our hardy volunteers Our volunteers in the rain Signs and flowers
Our hardy volunteers during a short period of no rain. The rain wasn’t so thoughtful during most of the sale! Photo by Wilma Faerber. Mums, asters, kale and grasses were available at this year’s sale. Photo by Wilma Faerber.
Trip to Anderson Gardens in Rockford, August 29, 2106

Photos and text by Wilma Faerber

The Lake Summerset Garden Club enjoyed a tour of Rockford’s Anderson Japanese Garden on Monday, August 29. The group split into two groups at the facility and were given a guided tour of the gardens.

Our tour guide, Sue, was new to the garden but did a wonderful job of telling us history and information about the gardens. The garden sits on twelve acres in the heart of Rockford and is divided into two gardens; one a traditional Japanese garden and the other a more modernistic version of a Japanese garden. There are two ponds, one a strolling garden pond and the other is called the Garden of Reflection. The ponds are filled with lovely koi, ducks, and a couple of turtles.

The tour lasted one and a half hours and it began to get a little toasty at the end of the tour. We went inside to discover that they had set up our lunch on the veranda but we insisted that we eat inside in the air-conditioned dining room. Lunch was buffet style.

Thanks to Vicky Hermann who organized the tour.

LS Visits Anderson Gardens Pond at Anderson Gardens Trees at Anderson Gardens
Our guide, Sue, leads the first group on a tour of Anderson Japanese Garden in Rockford. A view of the Strolling Pond Garden. Some of the interesting trees.
2016 Garden Walk • June 27
Hat planter Planter Color
A planter shaped like a hat. A windowbox on a stump provides height and increases planting area Cheerful mix of colors
Visitors windowbox Visitor
Visitors admire the roses Windowbox featuring multiple colors and textures A visitor notes the dark color of these petunias
Visitors gallardia smokebush
Visitors view the gardens Pretty gallardia Smokebush
color windowbox astible
Colorful birdfeeder surrounding by portulaca Another window treatment Interesting texture mix
Visitors Visitors stepping stone
Visitors Visitors The LS Art League painted stepping stones that were given to the homeowners in the Walk.
planting Walking up roses
Planting along retaining wall The wall is built to allow visitors to walk up to the front yard Front of house
apples planter visitors
Visitors admire apple trees grown against a trellis Cute planter Visitors
lilies Visitors fountain
Lilies stand out against the lawns and lake Visitors Fountain by the lake
Clematis Chair ball
Clematis A blue sitting area nestled under a blue spruce A decorated bowling ball makes a nice garden accent
Fish Lake view Rose
A fish swims between the lilies Visitors enjoy the gardens by the lake Pretty rose
Spring Flowers at the Lake
All Planted By Your Garden Club
East Gate Tulips East gate crabtree East Gate crabtree
Pretty tulips greet the residents at the East Gate. Closeup of crabtree at East Gate Closeup of another crabtree at East Gate
Pansies Coral Bells Yellows
Cheery faces greet members using the West Gate. Coral bells blooming in the Memorial Garden. Yellow on yellow in the Memorial Garden.